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Seasonal Changes...

If like me you enjoy your Summer sun you will have noticed a move in recent years back towards more defined seasons. The Winter months have been dreary, the Spring very bright and full of promise and Summers warm. So what does the impending Autumn have in store for us? Well if the last few years are anything to go by then we'll see a cooler but sunny start and as we break into October the Wind will catch us by surprise as it strips those beautifully coloured trees and sets us up for dark mornings and early evenings. Make the most of planning your days out and last minute holidays as I feel this year will give us some glorious Indian Summer days, hopefully our Cricket scores will improve with the mood... So what should we expect for our cars? Make sure you have any bodywork needs attended to early as the changing conditions will speed up rust escalation and do have your suspension items attended to as the road conditions deteriorate and you notice the handling changes as the roads do; this helps keep you safe. Finally check those tyres, typically we lose a huge percentage of our grip with worn tyres and by the time the inclement conditions set in you'll be less likely to want to be under your car checking!


Looking after you car in the rainy Season...

As I look out of my office this morning I'm minded as cyclist that I'm glad I'm indoors then I look at the cars that should have been cleaned this morning and begin to feel guilty, cleaning has been a routine three times a week, as well as our Sales Manager on a Saturday morning, so it begs the question why do we do it? Well there's nothing like a well cleaned car is there? - the thought that the person that owned it before you has taken the time to wax it and treat those lovely seats does make you feel that you're buying a treasured possession but then so does a Service History; to care about the workings of our cars is just as important on how it looks... Now I'm getting annoyed because I know how much money you spend over the years in Service and maintenance bills and when Dealers forget to stamp that very important book you have nothing to show for your hard earned. Where is this going I ask myself - well here it is, we always try to present our cars in the way we expect to buy them and we pay more to know we are buying properly looked after carriages. If you get the chance to protect your paintwork against the inclement weather we now seem to get in the rainy season (our Summer) then do it because its just as important in getting your Service Book stamped!


Lawn Mowers

Why is it your lawn mower aways blows up when you've done half the job and leaves you looking like you've packed up early as the sun's shining and gone to the pub....